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Welcome to the Aussiedawgs website.

Dawgs Australia is 100% owned by Marks Footwear Pty Ltd a family owned footwear business.

We have been manufacturing and selling Dawgs Branded footwear since April 2009 when we took over the Australian arm from the Canadian owners of the Dawgs Brand.

In March 2018 Marks Footwear bought the Trademark IP to the Dawgs Brand in Australia and New Zealand.

The directors of Marks Footwear have more than 65 year’s experience in the footwear industry.

Our office and warehouse is based in Brisbane and we have an extensive network of retailers selling our products Australia wide.

DAWGS is a growing manufacturer and distributor specializing in value-priced and high-quality comfy shoes. DAWGS strengths include the ability to design, manufacture and deliver EVA based footwear that has mass market appeal. Dawgs is a worldwide known Brand. DAWGS Brand footwear has become a leader in the industry's evolution towards new high quality comfy shoes.

DAWGS Brand's mission has and continues to be a Foot's Best Friend to more and more happy people every day.


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